I’m Alex Billingham a genderqueer performance artist based in the West Midlands. I make performances which sit between endurance, visual arts and installation.

It’s visceral and usually physically exhausting pushing what my body can take. I’ve focused on pushing the physicality of my body in different ways. Glistening Scum (two hours in March in a cold bath of glitter with golden showers to protest Trump) was the start of this approach, which has shaped my work since.

The fluid nature of gender and fear for the future drives most of my work. Vulnerability anchors my practice allowing for performances which place trust and often my safety in the viewer. I strip away all my supports leaving a tender and violent performance.

Research and experimentation inform my performances starting with a basic idea and playing around with different materials and techniques before committing to the research. I find it essential to have both working together as the physical often alters the direction of the research.

Adopting a low-fi visual style binding grunge with glitter and grime to make beautifully dirty work. The more I work the more this gets refined to a more considered approach with a higher level of finish while remaining experimental.