Bex Ilsley

I consider myself a transdisciplinary artist. My work spans video, photography, performance, VR, installation and sculpture. I often use my own face and body as a starting point for creating images – intended to represent facets of an imagined virtual persona. Social media is the primary influence for this work. I use fantasy, performativity, objecthood and paradox as a lens through which to examine the authenticity of the self we advertise to the wider world. I make short, looping videos which twist in and out of the real and the virtual, between the ‘self’ and the ‘other’, the artificial and the authentic, only to end up where they began. I look at online trends and oddities and parody them as a form of critique. I build sculptures which incorporate elements of leisure and the commercial, screens and mirrors, manufactured body parts – fragmented, perfected, thing-like. This is intended to reflect the way we live online.