‘We are presented with a pre-existing capitalism that dictates that we must act in certain ways, and to this we reply ‘no, there is no pre-existing capitalism, there is only the capitalism that we make today, or do not make’. And we choose not to make it. Our struggle is to open every moment and fill it with an activity that does not contribute to the reproduction of capital. Stop making capitalism and do something else, something sensible, something beautiful and enjoyable. Stop making the system that is destroying us. We live only once; why use our time to destroy our own existence? Surely we can do something better with our lives.’ Jon Holloway, Crack Capitalism p255

Black Hole Club artists Kate Spence, Jaime Jackson, David Chekley  Coral Manton, John Bradburn, Rebecca Mahay, and Daniel Hopkins are visiting to Oslo to meet new artist colleagues in November 2017

‘My interest then, in cultural work which critically responds to climate change or imagines alternatives to present situations. I read this as a revision of the project of rationality which began in the European Enlightenment, the aim of which is a free and happy society. …the ideas and attitudes which might contribute to an ecologically aware relation between human observers and the worlds which they observe’ Malcolm Miles, Eco-Aesthetics  p4