Since 2018 Black Hole Club has offered small bursaries to support the development of new work. Take a look at some of our supported projects below. 

Singing Litter - Carol Breen and Matthew Evans

Singing Litter is an audiovisual performance by Matthew Evans and Carol Breen which explores sonification.


Data from imagery will be used as the catalyst for the creation of sound exploring the image as a sonic stimulant. The performance explores the aesthetics of analog, digital and post-digital imagery.

Mars Attacks - Thomas Tyrrell and Rosa Francesca

A new video work by Thomas Tyrrell and Rosa Francesca

+ Special Guests - Dinosaur Kilby and Marcus Keating

+ Special Guests will be a series of live communication exchanges that look at the ways in which we are shaped by the stimulus around us.

Nephelestial - Edie Jo Murray

Nephelestial will be an immersive VR story experience that addresses themes of mental health, reality and mythology